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9 november 2017
“The best lecturer is the practically operating journalist”


The Kazakh-American University keeps the doors open to some new and interesting professionals who could create the prospective picture of their career in some ten years from now. This time KAU hosted Mrs.Vera Ljakhovskaya a journalist and PR and SMM-specialist.

Vera Ljakhovskaya is a journalist with some thirty years of experience in this business. At the meeting she briefed up on her journalist career. She is majoring in the package of social problems of society, education and medicine including the issues of consumption and business. During her presentation she disclosed the key properties and talents to be developed for a prospective journalist as well as the self-identifying questions until one is absolutely sure that he is on the right track.

Her presentation she ended up with advice that every prospective journalist should be self-confident and try his talents in different areas with the commercial sense and develop the skills. The meeting ended with the awarding of a small gift and the photo as the memo of the event.

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