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19 october 2018
The Address of President Nursultan Nazarbayev is an annual strategic document of the Head of State. We saw the prospects for the development of our state for 2019.

For us, students of the Kazakh-American University, the current Address of the Head of State has a bright, concrete social orientation. It is addressed to every Kazakhstan citizen. The words important for us were sounded - this is the development of a person, social capital, growth of well-being, improvement of the life of each person.
2019 is declared the Year of Youth! And this means that more opportunities will open up for us. In the Address it is said that in order for us - for young people to succeed, we need to develop the institutions of civil society, step up public control activities, public councils, we need to work together. And we understand that no one will create a paradise on earth for us if the population is passive. Academy students will continue to actively participate in the life of the city and country.
We, the leaders of the KAU Student Self-Government Committee, promise that we will support our students and help develop all their talents!

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