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9 november 2017
“Pariz Baitenov on the professional creed of a journalist”

Pariz Baitenov – a well-known journalist as of the Soviet times did carry out a master-class for the students of the Journalism department of the Kazakh-American University. At the moment he abandoned the traditional journalism and took up blogging.At the meeting with the students he came up with the comparison of the level of liberty in Russia and Kazakhstan. He shared many stories from his personal professional career with some comments on the differences between mass-media from average individuals.The meeting was very interactive with some essential questions addressed to the future journalists. The dialogue ended up to the satisfaction of the students and they came with the words of thanks to their professor Aizhan Adilkhanovna for the opportunity of a personal contact with the skillful and experienced professionals.

Anna Tumanov – 3d year student.

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