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9 october 2018
Our the first professional holiday

We are students of the faculty of tourism at KAU. We went for pleasant impressions to the Kairakty waterfall in honor of the celebration of "The International Day of Tourism". We wanted to share how you can get a lot of new impressions from the waterfall, from the road itself there. In order to make it unforgettable, we took a camera with us and of course, grabbed food to reinforce the energy. The presence of a medicine set is obligatory, plus comfortable shoes and clothes. Well, everything on this list came to an end. Now we are like real tourists ready to travel. Forward!
Kairakty waterfall is located in the Ile-Alatau National Park in the Turgensky gorge. Kairakty is the most beautiful and powerful waterfall. It is located on the Bozgul River. On the way, we stopped about 8 bridges, and also saw the Chinturgen mossy spruce forests. Here on the permafrost, on a thick layer of moss, spruce grows. Of course, initially it was difficult, but our desire and willpower were stronger. After 7 km we approached the meadow. Here, the Bozgul river flows into Turgen, on which the Kairak waterfall is located. We walked another 1 km and finally, a waterfall! Initially, it is almost invisible, to see it very close, we climbed onto the observation platform along the stairs. When we came to the waterfall, we were amazed by it's beauty, one of it's kind is a real miracle, and the water is simply amazingly clear and transparent. It's height is about 50 meters. Kairak pierced a 55-meter passage in a tall rock. The waterfall fully justifies it's name, because “Kairak” in Kazakh means “Tochilo”.
This day has given us a lot of emotions and great experience for the future. There are places in the world that every person must visit, and Kairakty is on this list. We are very pleased and grateful to KAU University for the fact that it realizes our dreams and desires, I hope in the future we will visit many, many more places!


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