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22 october 2018
New all-time record of Elina!

 The current World Powerlifting Championships on force biathlon, bench press, people’s bench press, deadlift and arm lifting according to WRPF / WEPF / WAF, was held in Moscow (04-06.10.2018). Such countries as Russia, Great Britain, Ukraine, Iran, France, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Finland, Latvia, Hungary, USA, Azerbaijan were represented, that is 25 countries, in all!
The number of participants in the championship has reached 900! With such an impressive number of participants, you involuntarily ask yourself, how much strength and courage does Elina need to dare and get into this parade of powerlifting stars? Few of the "strong" weaker halves can answer the question what led them to go in for this difficult kind of sport. You may hear the answer that they came to correct figure or improve health, and haven’t noticed how they got involved, and now they spend all their free time doing their favorite activity in the gym. The well-known stereotype about athletes: “where there is strength, no mind is needed,” is no longer true nowadays and does not concern our Elina either. She does well in sport and her studies as well. Upon arrival from Moscow, with 6 gold medals and 1 bronze, she quietly sat next to fellow students and began to ask about assignments in all her courses. Sport gives Elina not only strength, but it also disciplines her. Many centuries ago, a wise Chinese emperor said that creation remains in eternity only if it is not completed. And it’s nice that Elina doesn’t just finish everything with sports, but takes care of her studies too. Many people think that there is no place for girls in power sport, but nevertheless, there are so many women who have achieved great results in powerlifting, so we can conclude that girls and power sport are quite compatible. At first sight of Elina, you will not believe that she is a world champion on a bench press, she is so soft and tender, and you don’t even believe that she is able to press or pull until you see it. But those who know Elina are convinced that one can definitely save femininity in any kind of sport.
In Moscow tournament Elina set a new all-time record in squats for women with knee bandages. Our Elina Bikhler, a 2nd year student of the specialty “Translation Studies”, once again proved that girls have place in sports. She became the first in squats, fixing 135 kg, in the bench press -65kg and in the deadlift -150kg.
We wish Elina new stellar achievements in the sport!

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