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1 october 2018
Kazakhstan has future "Titans" of powerlifting!

At least, Kazakh-American-University has them, namely the specialty of "Translation Studies".
Until recently, we were enjoying the gold medal on bench press of Danil Saponov, a third-year student of Translation Studies, and now a girl with "iron health", the 2nd year student of TS, Elina Bikhler, pleasantly surprised and pleased us with her brilliant achievements in powerlifting. Few people in the history of translation go in for such a "heavy" sport. And Elina has such a rare combination of a fragile profession and a heavy sport interest in life. And this unusual desire of hers peacefully coexists with her so gentle and tactful disposition.
In September of this year in Almaty was held the Republican Championship of Kazakhstan on powerlifting and bench press according to WRPF version among amateurs. The competition was attended by more than 200 athletes, and the strongest ones climbed the pedestal. Elina easily and unstuffy won three golds in three categories of contests and received the sport title of Candidate of Master of Sports. Competitions were held in the amateur's division without doping control, according to the WRPF Kazakhstan regulations, whose official representative in Kazakhstan is the Corporate Fund "Courage to Be the First" (known as the organizer of the Almaty Marathon). Athletes from Kazakhstan, Astana, Shymkent, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Pavlodar, Atyrau, Karaganda, Taraz, Pavlodar, but also from distant regions, came to compete for the title of the strongest one. For two days in a row the athletes really hot the rails on the platforms. The RK Championship was very bright and memorable in the history of powerlifting in Kazakhstan.
Elina represented the organization World Federation / Association / Organization of Powerlifting without equipment (accepted WRPF / WRPA / WRPO abbreviations). It is an independent sports organization created to develop an uncapped powerlifting, to identify and support the strongest athletes, who show record results in separate disciplines and in the sum of three powerlifting movements.
We hope that our "Iron Lady", Elina Bikhler, will “dish it out to” for many times not just in the republic, but internationally as well!

Responsible for major “Translation Studies”,
Assistant professor Akbalayeva Zh.

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