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10 april 2018
KAU’s Holiday "Nauryzda kurisu" in the Students' House

On April 5, in the Students' House there was a Festive Event dedicated to Nauryz, organized by the teachers, staff and student self-government of KAU. Students of the Student House, as well as KAU teachers took part in the festival. KAU senior management, colleagues from the Almaty College of Communication, accounting office, financial department were also invited. The dean of KAU opened the Event.
Koeresy Aut from the Kazakh language can be translated literally as "meeting". On this day people visit each other's homes, and congratulate each other with the arrival of spring.
The ancient tradition of the Kazaks was preserved only in the western provinces of Kazakhstan. In Atyrau and West Kazakhstan regions this day calls Koeresy, and in Mangistau - Amal. In ancient times, Kazakhs, who mastered the ancient nomadic lifestyle and were engaged in animal husbandry, were delighted at the end of the winter cold and congratulated each other with the incoming spring days.
Teachers of KAU prepared a large table called dastarhan in Kazakh, where all participants could taste different traditional Kazakh dishes, such as Nauryz-koje, baursaks, palau, jent and others.
The students' self-management committee organized an interesting festival program, which included both a variety of national sports competitions (tug of war, knuckle, wrestling), and a concert program (song performance, kui performance, Kazakh dance). All the participants were deeply satisfied.
Everyone tasted the delicious Nauryz kozhe, prepared by Daniyarova Duria Ratbekovna, and tasty palay, cooked by Kashaganova Gulzhan Bakytkyzy. Many students took an active part in sport competitions. The concert program, organized by the Student Self-Governance Committee, was also very impressive and interesting. At the end of the event the representative of student committee on behalf of all KAU’s students thanked teachers for the bright festival!

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