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27 june 2019

June 10th 2019 held a solemn presentation of diplomas.

The annual solemn ceremony of awarding diplomas of state and international standards to young specialists of new Kazakhstan, graduates of the Kazakh-American University with the support of the International Education Corporation took place “Miras” hall in Almaty.

Congratulations to KAU GRADUATES - 2019 with a significant event – graduation from the Kazakh-American University and getting diplomas!

You have overcome an important milestone in your lives - studying at the university. Today, KAU takes you on a long and interesting journey of professional growth. The pass to this life is your diploma, which shows that you have passed many tests.
Kazakh-American University (KAU), is one of the leaders in the field of higher education in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The university was founded in 1997 and annually graduates young qualified specialists.
According to the results of the General ranking of Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan - 2019, the IEC(International Educational Corporation) takes a worthy 9th place among the 122 Higher Education Institutions of the country.
Kazakh-American University is the first institution of higher education in Kazakhstan, which applied credit education technologies and adapted the American system of higher education in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The university’s educational programs are focused on the American system of higher-level personnel training and are integrated into the European higher education area. Graduates have the opportunity not only to get a quality education, but also to master their profession in English and get an international diploma.
Particular attention is paid to the quality of training and increasing the availability of education. Due to this purpose, KAU implemented multi-level training of students: school, college, undergraduate and graduate programs.
KAU is one of the first universities of the domestic higher education that teaches professional subjects in English and applies modern learning technologies in the educational process.

Inauguration is one of the important events in the life of the university and in the lives of the graduates and their relatives, as well. The solemn ceremony of awarding state and international diplomas to young specialists of new Kazakhstan, graduates of KAU is a special event that is participated by members of the KAU Board of Trustees. Members of the KAU Board of Trustees are: Amirlan Aidarbekovich Kusainov - President of the International Educational Corporation (IEC); Nadirov Nadir Karimovich - Chairman of the JV KAU; Vice-President of the National Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Netaliev Sultan Duysengaliyevich - Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "OLZHA"; Woodward Dilyara Bakhtiyarovna - Chairman of the UNESCO National Committee on Geoparks; Gennady Y. Kim - KAU graduate - 2011, innovative director of “Chocolife.me”; Ramil Sadreev - Technical Director of Zhedel Kүzet LLP, graduate of ACC at KAU.
The KAU administration is committed to improving the quality of knowledge, practice and career for its students. Every school year - a growing result!

KAU officials are committed to improving the quality of knowledge, professional practice and career for their students. Each academic year at KAU ends with improved results than in the previous one!


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