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27 june 2019

KAU Family (Kazakh-American University) summed up the final results of the educational process of 2018-2019. It was the year saturated with enormous scientific, educational, external and internal activities.
Each employee made a special contribution to the development and success of the university. The professional activity of the teaching staff is focused not only in high-quality training of specialists and introduction of modern techniques in the educational process, but it also centered around participation in writing research papers, monographs, performing unscheduled works, such as vocational guidance, fundraising, inviting the media, organizing image-building events and etc.
The leadership of the IEC (International Education Corporation) awarded the best employees on career guidance results. This year, the Kazakh-American University received eight challenge cups, the first places in the nominations "Best Teacher of the Year", "Best Methodologist", "Best Image Maker", "Best Advisor", "Best Specialty", "Best Branch of the Department", "Best career counselor”,

“The best representative in the community of mutual assistance ”.
The 1st prize and KAU Crystal Cup went to:
“The Best Teacher of the Year” - Daniyarova Duria Ratbekovna, Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Science;
“The Best Methodologist of the Year” - Natalia Sergeevna Tagviashvili, Assistant Professor of KAU;
“The best image-maker” - Bakiygreeeva Aliya Temiralievna, Assistant Professor of KAU;
“The best adviser” - Ystykul Karakoz Abubakirovna, teacher of school school at KAU;
“The best career counselor” - Askarova Gulzada Baysarinovna, teacher of school at KAU;
"The best representative in the society of mutual assistance" - Karabalaeva Kimbat Alimbaevna, the leading librarian of KAU;
"The best specialty, specialization, discipline" - REIT, AKS at KAU;
"The best branch of the department" – CIS group “Dialogue” (Union of Translators), the award of the major “Translation Studies” (KAU).

The 2nd prize winners are:
“The Best Teacher of the Year” - Svetlana Semenovna Gracheva, teacher of school at KAU;
“The best methodologist” - Toksanbekova Arailym Aydarovna, assistant professor of KAU;
"The best adviser" - Sybanbayeva Dina Kadrovna, teacher of the ACC at KAU; "The best specialty, specialization, discipline" - REIT, ACC at KAU;
"The best branch, department" - First Aid Station;
“The best career counselor” - Aita Nurlybekovna Baktybekova, teacher of ACC at KAU;
“The best image-maker” - Kuanysh Batyrbaevna Tungenbaeva, teacher of ACC at KAU;
"The best mentor" - Shuakaeva Aizhan Kapashevna, teacher of ACC at KAU.

The 3rd prize winners are:
"The best teacher of the year" - Aygaliev Ayman Kurmangalievna, teacher of ACC at KAU;
"The best scientist" - Kashaganova Gulzhan Bakhytovna, associate professor of KAU;
"The best methodologist" - Nurakhmetova Arailym Erzhanovna, teacher of school at KAU;
“The best adviser” - Gusenova Meyriban Shakhgusenovna, assistant professor of KAU;
“The best career counselor” - Zhanat Kelzhanovna Akbalayeva, assistant professor of KAU;
“The best employee of AMP (Administrative Management Personnel), EHP (Educational Accessorial Personnel” - Zhanar Kabdeshovna Duissenbaeva, methodologist of KAU;
"The best specialty, specialization, discipline" – “International Relations”, KAU. Congratulations with your well-deserved victory! Uniform goals - unshakable strength to success!

In honor of the end of the academic year, KAU employees organized a festive event “Hat Party”, where the IEC staff showed their unity, solidarity, performed dances and songs, took part in the games and puzzle tasks, received memorable gifts and marked the end of the educational year at a rich IEC dastarkhan.
The IEC administration always seeks to ways of reward of the employees, since WE are one family!

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