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28 march 2018
Discussion of the five social initiatives of the President of Kazakhstan

Meeting of KAU employees dedicated to the discussion of "Five social initiatives of President Nazarbaev" (Astana, March 5, 2018) was held yesterday at 16:00 at 305 aud. Ph.D., Assoc. prof. Daniyarova and master, assistant prof. Umarov made presentations that explained the meaning of the five social initiatives of the President of Kazakhstan.
The first initiative creates new opportunities for purchasing housing for each family. The head of state proposed to launch the program "7 - 20 - 25", which means the interest rate on the loan - no more than 7 percent per year, the initial contribution should not exceed 20%, the loan term up to 25 years. This will expand the opportunities for our citizens to purchase housing.
The second initiative envisages reducing the tax burden to 1% for Kazakhstanis with a low salary. As a result, at least one third of the country's wage earners, more than 2 million people, will grow wages without increasing the burden on employers.
The third initiative is aimed at increasing the accessibility and quality of higher education and improving the living conditions of student youth. In the 2018-19 academic year, 20 thousand new grants will be allocated to the existing 54 thousand allocated annually, including. 11 thousand - for training bachelors in technical specialties. Until the end of 2022, the construction of new student hostels will begin at no less than 75,000 places. The implementation of this initiative will lead to an expansion of accessibility of higher education for the population.
The fourth initiative is aimed at the expansion of microcredits. In 2018, the allocated funds for these purposes will increase from 42 billion to 64 billion tenge. As a result, the total coverage by microcrediting will increase from 7 to 14 thousand people. This will enable the development of entrepreneurship in the countryside.
The fifth initiative initiates the further gasification of the country. To date, the level of gasification of the population in the country is almost 50%. The implementation of the project of the construction of a gas main along the route Karaozek (Kyzyl-Orda region) - Zhezkazgan - Karaganda - Temirtau - Astana, will allow gasification of the central and northern regions of the country and provide gas to 2.7 million people.
After presentations, the mentioned initiatives were discussed. All participants noted that such social initiatives contribute to creating new jobs and improving people's lives. In the discussion, the dean of the KAU, Ph.D. Abdykalykov, Ph.D., Assoc. professor Begaliev, Doctor of Law, Associate. professor Dzhandarbek, doctor of economic sciences, Associate professor Nurseiit took participation.

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