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12 october 2018
Danil's “silver” from the “city of metallurgists”, is more precious than his gold from the “southern capital”.

RK Championship in classic powerlifting in Temirtau (October 1-7, 2918), gathered all famous athletes from all over the country, who further claim to participate in the World Championship. This time, about 400 athletes of all age categories were eager to do their best.
Powerlifting includes three exercises - bench press, deadlift and squatting, the latter is considered to be the most difficult one. Athletes usually need the special belt, that is much wider than usual, and it is used to protect the back in all three mentioned exercises. The correct execution of exercises is monitored by the chief judge on the platform.
At the tournament, our Saponov Danil, a 3rd -year student of the specialty Translation Studies, once again showed his talent as a master of sports of international class. He became the first in squats, fixing 210kg, in the bench press -170kg and in the deadlift -250kg.
Today, Danil easily presses a weight of 170kg from his chest, although he admits that he can do more. Daniel outweighed the opponent just for 200 grams and this became the cause of his “silver”. Recently, he became the gold medalist of the championship in Almaty. There exists an old saying: "Altyn silver does not ache ribs." This proverb needs to be understood that there are no extra rewards, and silver altyn (even altyn (gold) was of silver, which was minted in Russia since 1704), and we hope Danil “will not break his ribs”. Good luck, Danil! We exult at having our own "strong" translator!

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