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22 june 2018
Congratulationsto the graduates 2018 of KAZAKH-AMERICAN UNIVERSITY!

    Dear graduates, you've passed a major part of your life! You are the future of Kazakhstan! We believe that you will support all innovations, take the initiative to implement the plans of the society, where the main things are the honor, dignity and reputation of everyone.

Kazakh-American Universityis a stable, modern and prestigious university of international level. Member of the Association of American Colleges and Universities. The history of the university began with the development of programs of articulation in cooperation with foreign universities. KAU was among the first in Kazakhstan to start teaching in English.

Graduates of KAU are aimed at working in international organizations, in companies engaged in the provision of communication services, in the sphere of application of new technologies and in the creation of their own business.

I believe that studying at university was full of events for graduates. Becauseeducation is a major part in our life. Everyone go to school and university, attend different courses, choosing a particular specialty which will be the beginning of a great start to their career. Lots of people think that the most interesting and eventful period is studying at university.

Activities of KAU draw interest of various foreign organizations, universities operating in the Republic of Kazakhstan today. As per now there have been established stable relations between the university and international organizations, whose are engaged in educational activities of the university, students life and in the developing of teaching trainings.KAU graduates achive high results not only in education, but also in science, literature, music and sport.

Inauguration is one of the important events in the life of the university, graduate and their relatives. The solemn ceremony of awarding diplomas of state and international design to young specialists of the new Kazakhstan graduates is a special event in which members of the KAU Board of Trustees hadtaken part.

Dear graduates!You have learned and experienced so many new things in such a short period of time, and it has gone by so fast.Studying at KAU is a great experience that you need to make the most out of.Congratulations!



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