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9 april 2019
April 4, 2019 in the Palace of Celebrations "Miras" was a student beauty contest of the Kazakh-American University "Queen of University - 2019"

The competition brought together a large public outreach. It was very bright and colorful.
Luxurious and graceful numbers of participants won the hearts of the audience. Each participant was worthy of victory!
But, the best one was chosen according to all criteria of the jury, it should be wise, fascinating, beautiful, memorable, in general, to be at 100%.
12 beauties of KAU fought for the cherished crown.
Results of the competition:

Aidana Nurbaeva, 2nd year, REiT @aidanokss

First Vice - Miss "Queen of University - 2019".
Bilora Mukhtadova, 1 course, International Relations @ bilora_1107

Second Vice - Miss "Queen of University - 2019" and Miss Social Networks KAU.
Aigerim Elubaeva, AKS at KAU @el__aik_b

Ayim Bolatbekova - Queen of Smile (Queen of Smiles)
Akbota Ismail - Queen of Artistry (Queen Artistry)
Meruert Ospanov - Queen of Originality (Queen of Originality)
Aygerim Elubaeva - Queen of Style (Queen Style)
Madina Berik - Queen of Creativity (Queen Creativity)
Aida Kasenova - Queen of Modesty (Queen of Modesty)
Aizada Zhalgavova - Queen of Dance (Queen of Dance)
Aidana Nurbaeva - Queen of Charm (Queen Charm)
Bilora Mukhtadova - Queen of Grace (Queen Grace)
Ramil Lee-Lee-Zau - Queen of DiFashion (DiFashion Queen)
Mariam Umarova - Queen of Platye Terapiya (Queen Dress Therapy)
Albina Mustafina - Queen of Secret (Queen of Riddle)

We were supported by 38 sponsors, whom we thank!

Information support for the event was provided by 6 TV channels, 3 radio stations, 5 Internet portals.
We thank all gentle and beautiful participants for a fascinating and beautiful work!
Sincerely, KAU!



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