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6 february 2019
Advanced training of English in Great Britain

This academic year January removed me to Great Britain, where I had enhanced my English and got an extensive experience of improving my skills and knowledge. My professional development program for English lasted for a week length studies at NILE. NILE has grown to become the biggest single provider of professional courses for EL teachers in Europe.

It is a member of English UK, British Council and Eaquals accredited and an official examination center for Cambridge exams. NILE is one of the very few private UK organizations accredited to run courses offering qualifications up to Master’s level and to run Cambridge English exam preparation courses by special arrangement.

I greatly enjoyed the classes by Tony Prince, Academic Director of NILE; Doctor Jason Skeet’s theoretical courses on methodology of English; the lessons given by Senior trainers, Maria Paget, Carole Robinson and James Copeland that were all enthusiastic in their skills. Our classes were sensitive to our individual needs, varied, practical and with reference to relevant theory. We got outstanding support from our academic and student services teams, who were much helpful to get the most out of the course and the time in Norwich. I developed my skills in students’ motivations to learn; in cooperative learning structures; in noticing language around; in formatting assessment principles and practice; in teaching vocabulary and so on. It was a great pleasure to study at NILE and get a certificate of the worldwide known Institute of Language education.

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