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19 october 2017
Dear students!

The program of student's mobility Erasmus + KA 107 gives the chance to students of our university to go an educational training to the University of Cadiz (Spain) during the second semester 2017-2018 academic years. Students 2, 3 courses in the specialty can participate in a competition: Account and audit; International relations, Translation.
The registration period at the University of Cadiz: On February 1 on February-18, 2018
Beginning of the second semester: on February 19, 2018
End of the second semester: July 8, 2018.
Everyone who wants to participate in a competition I ask to address to 202nd office, to the International department.
Necessary documents:
 The statement with the visa of the Dean, OR, FEO
 The characteristic from an adviser
 Student's transcript
 If are available, to attach the Certificates confirming your level of proficiency in English.

Deadline of documents till October 26, 2017, in office an.202, in the International department.

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